Hallowed Ground is focused on importing fine wines from boutique wineries in Australian and New Zealand. Logistically all wines are available for direct delivery here in the UK (next day in many places) and Hallowed Ground provides full marketing and PR services and sales support to all our UK and European customers.

Why Australia and New Zealand?

There is an impressive desire among winemakers in Australia and New Zealand to improve their wines through viticulture – leaving the vineyards and the fruit to do all of the talking. Hallowed Ground champions modern winemaking that has an intrinsic understanding of provenance – we believe this is the key to the future success of Australian and New Zealand fine wine.

How does it work?

An exclusive membership club for Australian and New Zealand producers. Hallowed Ground manages all aspects of UK shipping, sales, distribution PR and marketing while our members retain full control of stock allowing the UK wine trade to effectively ‘buy direct’ from the winery.

The UK is the most competitive wine market in the world and we aim to develop people’s attitudes towards Australian and New Zealand fine wine. With our
support, our member’s wines will be introduced personally to each customer, we
want to put their personality and history in front of the wine. Education and
communication are fundamental to our UK customers and members alike.

What are the benefits?

The hand-selected group of exclusive wineries is small and unique. Elodie and Amelia believe in their wines and they offer members a high level of communication with no fight to be recognised within a larger portfolio.

Hallowed Ground enables the winery to retain full control and ownership of their stock, this prevents any brand devaluation through deep-discounting and other means.

The workings of Hallowed Ground mean that the trade price of each wine is the lowest possible price that it can be sold at in the UK. There are no hidden costs or mark ups – truly honest pricing.

Hallowed Ground works on forging long-term relationships with buyers and key trade figures on behalf of members. We believe this is the key to successful sales.

Hallowed Ground keeps members up-to-date on markets news, sales and any other points of interest within the UK market.

Hallowed Ground keeps the UK market up to date on winery news and what’s happening on the hallowed ground back in Australia and New Zealand.

Hallowed Ground will run active marketing campaigns for each member and their wines. The message will be loud and clear – Australia and New Zealand’s fine wines offer incredible value for money. The level of quality, consistency and down-right deliciousness from the £15-£100 retail price point is unrivalled. Education and communication are key to customer loyalty.

Hallowed Ground handles all of the sales logistics including storage and delivery through LCB, keeping an eye on all the boring but necessary stuff on behalf of the winery and UK buyer.

Who is behind Hallowed ground?

A small team of highly experienced industry professionals, with expertise spanning all aspects of the wine industry including marketing and PR, coupled with top level business acumen.

Frustrated by rising costs, deep discounting, unfavourable exchange rates and lack of availability of some top end Australian and New Zealand wines, Amelia Jukes and Elodie Cameron teamed up over summer 2010 and devised a plan for wine marketing and sales that simultaneously benefits the wineries and the UK market.


Amelia Jukes, Director

+44 (0)7799 414 374


Amelia spent four years successfully developing the UK market with her family’s Portuguese wines.  This experience highlighted the potential pitfalls and massive gaps in the communication and sales channels of the UK wine market. Amelia worked with Elodie at Jeroboams and Laytons wine merchants on the marketing team leaving to become a freelance wine writer in 2007. Under her maiden name, Amelia Pinsent, she wrote weekly and monthly columns in Waitrose publications and weekly for Country Life Magazine. She has written for Decanter, Wine & Spirit and Conde Nast Traveller. Amelia has completed her WSET Diploma (merit) and is married to renowned wine writer and commentator, Matthew Jukes.


Elodie Cameron, Director

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Elodie has 15 years’ marketing experience covering luxury goods and the wine industry. Her French background naturally drew her to fine foods and, of course, wine. Elodie was Head of Marketing and PR for London’s award-winning, largest independent retail wine merchant Jeroboams. In addition Elodie worked on the on-trade and agency arms of Laytons Wine Merchants, too. During her nine years with Jeroboams and Laytons she spearheaded a number of communication developments including e-marketing, e-commerce websites and social media. On the agency side Elodie has spent much time dedicated to developing key boutique Australian and New Zealand brands in the UK including working closely with customers to develop their wine sales through marketing initiatives. Since leaving Jeroboams Elodie has worked as a freelance marketing consultant for the wine industry.