The History and Background

Fox Gordon began over a long lunch in 2001 when renowned winemaker Tash Mooney and her old friends and colleagues Sam Atkins and David Cumming and their wives Ra Atkins, née Fox and Jane Gordon decided to realise a long held dream to form a family run company and make great wine together from two of the finest regions in South Australia – the Barossa Valley and the Adelaide Hills.

Now into its ninth vintage, Fox Gordon has accumulated considerable awards and trophies in Australia. Fox Gordon aims to make contemporary, premium wine that stands amongst the best both nationally and internationally. Forging strong, trusting business relationships with grape growers has enabled this. Tash has a hands off approach and is happy to allow the growers to do what they do best. “Then I do what I do best,” she says. “It is a trusting situation and defines the growers I choose to work with.” The grower’s vineyards are located in the Barossa Valley and Adelaide Hills, with fruit purity being the order of the day. “If the fruit speaks for itself, the winemaker’s job is much simpler,” states Tash. The prevailing Fox Gordon philosophy is one of low input and low yield to give maximum flavour and preserve the inherent qualities of fruit and site.


The Winemaker: Tash Mooney

Winemaker Tash Mooney trained at Roseworthy and went on to work with Penfolds, Lindemans and Barossa Valley Estate (BVE). At BVE Tash made the iconic E&E Black Pepper Shiraz vintages that won acclaim as the best red and best wine at the International Wine Challenge and became only the second Australian wine to earn a place in the influential Wine Spectator magazine’s top 10 wines.

“There are no surprises with our wines. You know exactly what your getting – top quality Barossa and Adelaide Hills reds and whites,” says Tash. “It’s been bloody hard work at times but nothing a good old drink can’t fix, and we’ve loved every minute of it.”


Region / Sub Region

Adelaide Hills and the Barossa Valley


The Wines

2013 Fox Gordon By George Cabernet Sauvignon / Tempranillo

Vintages: 2012 2010 2009 2007
2015 Fox Gordon, The Dark Prince Nero d’Avola

Vintages: 2013
2015 Fox Gordon Abby Viognier

Vintages: 2012
2015 Fox Gordon Princess Fiano

Vintages: 2014 2012 2011
2010 Fox Gordon, King Louis Cabernet Sauvignon

2013 Fox Gordon Ocean Eight Uncles Shiraz

Vintages: 2012 2009 2008
2011 Fox Gordon, Sassy Sauvignon Blanc

Vintages: 2010
2010 Fox Gordon Hannah’s Swing Shiraz

Vintages: 2009 2008