History & Background

Teusner wines was created by Kym Teusner and Michael Page in 2001.

After hearing a conversation between his girlfriends uncle and his brother about pulling up an old Grenache vineyard, planted by their grandparents, that they could no longer justify Kym took the radical decision to save the vineyard and buy the fruit. Kym approached his brother in law. Michael Page and between them they pulled together the funds to approach the Riebke brothers about their fruit. At first, they only had enough for a quarter of the fruit but the vineyard was saved.


The Vineyards

Teusner’s philosophy is to produce only exceptional, affordable wines by being very selective about the fruit that is sourced from old, well maintained vineyards. These vineyards reliably produce balanced, complex fruit which are guided, with minimal inputs, into wine. The fruit sources are predominantly family and close friends, which allows Teusner selectivity in which fruit that they vinify.


The Winemaker

Kym Teusner studied at Adelaide University and while he was there he assisted Michael who was then viticulturist at Torbreck. It was at Torbreck he meant Dan Standish and completed an internship with him. Following on from that he looked after Lindock facility winery. Whilst working at Torbreck, Kym was encouraged to experiment – “if you stuffed up a parcel you didn’t necessarily get the sack as long as you could justify you reasons!”.

Kym’s next vintage was at Ross Estate, then on to Colonial Winery to work alongside Jonathon Maltus. The next step was with Rolf Binder, who sponsored an inspired exchange in the Rhone Valley where Kym spent a month over a vintage. Rolf was hugely influential in the set up of Teusner – Kym made Teusner wines in Rolf’s winery. When Teusner got too big for his shed, he gave them the use of his old winery in Tanunda. He was hugely supportive until 2007 when Kym and Michael decided it was time to move on just in time for the 2008 vintage.

“Teusner was started by doing what we love, we never mapped it out to be so big. We started small and rode the wave and this is where we’ve ended. These are wines that we love to drink, we are not chasing markets”. Kym Teusner


Region / Sub Region


The Wines

2015 Teusner Joshua Grenache, Mataro, Shiraz

Vintages: 2013 2012
2014 Teusner The Gentleman Cabernet Sauvignon

Vintages: 2013 2012
2014 Teusner Woodside Sauvignon Blanc

Vintages: 2014 2013
2013 Teusner Riebke Shiraz

Vintages: 2012
2012 Independant Shiraz Mataro

2012 Avatar Grenache, Shiraz, Mataro