History & Background

Giovanni’s father, Vittorio established the renowned label Puiatti in 1967 in Friuli. Vittorio was the first to identify Chardonnay growing in Italy and made wine across the country before returning to his native Friuli to champion this region. Giovanni played professional basketball for Venice in his early twenties while studying winemaking simultaneously before joining the family business to work his way from the cellar up to managing over 70ha of vines and a global brand! With a desire to downsize and reconnect with his winemaking roots Giovanni sold Puiatti in 2010, keeping the Ruttars vineyard situated in a village named Ruttars within the sub-region Collio. Collio is considered the best sub- region of Friuli for the production of wine. Villa Parens was established, translated as Villa of Parents, Giovanni has created this brand in honour of his family and to recognise the unique terroir of Collio that his father believed in.

The Vineyards

The Ruttars vineyard was planted in 1995 with four grape varieties – the indigenous Ribolla Gialla, Sauvignon (Blanc), Chardonnay and Pinot Nero. There are 6ha of vines surrounded by native woodland. The 3m deep topsoil is limestone mixed with clay with large mountain rocks underneath. The vineyard benefits from the cold winds that descend from Russia known as the ‘Pora’ which keeps the vines dry and free from disease and the acidity high.



The Wines

Foto Villa Parens Pinot Nero
2013 Villa Parens Pinot Nero

Foto Villa Parens Chardonnay Elijo
2012 Villa Parens Elijo Chardonnay

Foto Villa Parens Sauvignon
2013 Villa Parens Sauvignon

Foto Villa Parens Ribolla Gialla
2013 Villa Parens Ribolla Gialla

Foto Villa Parens Prindis
2013 Villa Parens Prindis